Kolay is here with ease.Kolay is here with ease.
Kolay Ik

Kolay is here with ease.

Kolay was a startup with a mission to change how businesses manage their human resources.

Kolay is here with ease.

Do you feel tired of managing the staff when you go to the office? Kolay IK is here with ease. Creating a brand that applies to a global audience is not an easy task. With all the cultures and ideas, designing a brand that is visually stimulating but unified across all platforms could prove a challenge. Even so, we managed to create a brand with qualities of simplicity and elegance which appeal to regional and international clients. Kolay’s new logo and brand identity project has been an enormous success. This branding project was crucial to their business strategy; they invested in top-notch brand work before moving to open offices in London. We created a brand that applies to a global audience while keeping their local identity strong.

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Kolay is here with ease.

The new logo, we jumped on board to help them take it to the next level. We created an identity that looks great and is universal enough to apply to all audiences. The design of the letter K shows confidence and strength while maintaining a local feel through bold font and color variations.

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