Elegant, grandeur,  and permanent.Elegant, grandeur,  and permanent.

Elegant, grandeur, and permanent.

Saat&Saat, The Gang Foods, TUM, Go Superyachts, and Entertainment Ecosystem are all part of TERHA, an investment management firm.

Elegant, grandeur, and permanent.

Elegant, grandeur, and permanent are all present in the group. These strategies are seen in group materials, briefs, & physical brand and website buildout. We developed an exciting system for TERHA that uses a mix of grids and modular blocks to create a sense of order, inspired by the letter T.

Mobile UI - UX
Web UI - UX
Elegant, grandeur,  and permanent.

The complete adoption of the new symbol and grids increases brand equity and awareness. It is also used in the group's digital and physical construction.

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