Incredible looks.  Unmistakable HubX.Incredible looks.  Unmistakable HubX.

Incredible looks. Unmistakable HubX.

The science behind the apps. HubX is a technology hub, building next-gen apps using world-class expertise and cutting-edge tech.

Incredible looks. Unmistakable HubX.

The growing brand needed a more robust and strategic brand language. On this basis, we set out to renew the brand identity for HubX and its sub-brands from idea to production.

App Icons
Mobile UI - UX
Web UI - UX
Incredible looks.  Unmistakable HubX.

A strong scratch emphasizes the letter X on the right side of the new logo. When this sheared letter X figure is superimposed, it creates the structure of DNA. We wanted to make the website simple yet strong so that the users could be thrilled about the app's behind the process, so we used a new visual identity to build the design. The website provides a more intuitive, powerful, and atmospheric concept. Stunning colors, custom technologies, and modern looks with dynamic movement add to the appeal.

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